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Subliminally Explicit

She is hurrying as it is getting late for her rehearsal. He is staying in -he works at home. On her way to the theatre, in the car, she realises she has left her mobile phone at home and she turns back…

Subliminally Explicit (trailer 1')
Mariel Alende O'Connell 


Although the film takes place in Barcelona and Girona, the characters speak English.
It sounded natural to us as
we all feel part of the same rich, open and multicultural Mediterranean society where we happened to meet.
Mariel Alendo O'Connell / Jeffrey Parker

We felt the story had to take place in autumn.
Not too bright, not to
o dull. Not too dry, not too wet.
Not too green, not too dead.


We wanted to provide the viewer with a neutral
on which to paint the part of the story that is missing.  
We invite the spectator to feel free to fill in the gaps
with some of the colours that we did not use.


This is Mariel’s first appearance on screen.
As a soprano, she has been actively involved in the musical

poetry scene in Catalonia for the last 10 years.

It's only true...
"When we get up in the morning, we never think
it could be the last day of our lives.

I used this sentence so much...
 In the end it became the leitmotiv of the story.

Among other circumstances, there is something about this project that makes it really special. It is the fact that the very few people involved happen to be
of different nationalities. Jeff comes from the States, Colin and Hugh are English, Mariel is half Irish and half Argentinian, Jordi is Catalan, Welliand is Swedish, August is from Switzerland, and the people from La Mancha de Colores 24/7 Team are also the most international bunch of people you could ever find.

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